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Protecting Oregon’s natural & cultural resources

Oregon is a biologically diverse state, rich in both environmental and cultural resources, and we’re doing our part to preserve these valuable assets. The Debris Management Task Force is hard at work protecting the areas impacted by wildfires including keeping ash and debris out of watersheds to preserve our water quality.

The State of Oregon’s Natural and Cultural Resources Manager John Raasch is the environmental lead coordinating the team of professionals on our task force and our partner agencies. As we continue our important cleanup work, making sure that home sites are free of debris and highways are safe and helping Oregonians recover, John and his team ensure that precious resources are being safeguarded.

Archaeological artifacts, sacred tribal items and, in some cases, burials are being protected to the full extent possible during the cleanup and recovery process.

From old historic structures on the landscape to streams and wildlife habitat, our monitors work with crews to identify potential problems and develop appropriate solutions. Fisheries, habitats, riparian areas and other natural resources help make Oregon naturally majestic, and we’re dedicated to caring for these irreplaceable areas.



Wildfire waste and debris removal

The State of Oregon is working with federal, state and local partners to remove hazardous waste, and ash and debris from the 2020 Oregon wildfires safely, efficiently, and as quickly as possible. The Oregon Departments of Transportation, Environmental Quality and Emergency Management are leading the effort, with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency assistance.

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