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Oregon announces September 15 enrollment deadline for 2020 wildfire cleanup

As cleanup nears completion statewide, the Debris Management Task Force has designated Sept. 15, 2021 as the final deadline for opting in to the state-led cleanup for properties damaged in the 2020 wildfires. Enrollments will not be accepted past this date.

All property owners who have yet to enroll in the state-led cleanup are advised to call the wildfire debris cleanup hotline at 503-934-1700 to sign up prior to the deadline.

To date, the state-led program has cleared more than 2,500 home and commercial properties of ash and debris and hazard trees. More than 3,000 properties have enrolled in the no-cost program, which is expected to be complete by the end of the year.

“As we approach the anniversary of the September 2020 wildfires, we know that fire survivors have been through so much,” said Tony Andersen, strategic communications director for the Debris Management Task Force. “We were honored to be called upon to provide this critical first step in the recovery process.

“This deadline represents a milestone for the significant progress made thus far, and as we’ve rolled out soft deadlines throughout the year, this final deadline acts as a last call before contract crews complete work in various areas throughout the state. This deadline provides an opportunity for those who have not opted in during the past year to revisit the decision of participating in the program or not.

“On behalf of the Task Force, we want to sincerely thank Oregon for their resilient spirit and collaboration during an exceptionally challenging year and share that we’re available for any questions related to the process.”

For questions regarding the program, please call the wildfire debris cleanup hotline at 503-934-1700.



Wildfire waste and debris removal

The State of Oregon is working with federal, state and local partners to remove hazardous waste, and ash and debris from the 2020 Oregon wildfires safely, efficiently, and as quickly as possible. The Oregon Departments of Transportation, Environmental Quality and Emergency Management are leading the effort, with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency assistance.

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